Tiger Capital Management

Princeton's Premier Student Investment Fund

Our Mission

To provide Princeton undergraduate students with a practical investing experience through the pursuit of market-beating returns.

Investment Philosophy

We seek to outperform the public market by making concentrated investments in companies that are misunderstood, out-of-favor or too illiquid for institutional investors. Our flexible investment mandate enables us to invest across asset classes, capital structures and geographies. We believe our academic focus detaches us from short-term market fluctuations and provides us with a unique long-term perspective.

Each investment idea undergoes a rigorous investment process during Investment Committee Meetings attended by all members of the organization. We focus on US equities, but also invest opportunistically in international markets.

Our History

Founded in July 2013, Tiger Capital Management is Princeton’s oldest and largest student-run, privately managed investment fund. Our founders envisioned creating a venue for students to share ideas and learn through hands-on investing. In realizing this vision, our organization strives to offer an unparalleled learning environment, develop investment acumen in a rigorous and systematic manner, and capitalize on infrequent market dislocations.